When we say words like an online store or e-commerce, it immediately comes to mind for growth, technology and rapid development

This field has evolved over the past twenty years by 25%, with the rate of double the growth for each year

We can apply it to all fields, not just what we are used to from buying clothes, mobile accessories and computers

What is e-commerce? What are its history, advantages and disadvantages? And how it can be used gradually in our field correctly

This is what we will talk about in this article

History of e-commerce:

E-commerce actually started in the 1980s, with the onset of the Internet

The first Boston computer store was launched in 1982

And his field was the possibility of buying and selling used computers among people

In 1992 Book Stacks Unlimited was launched to trade books online

It was the first book store and launched 3 years ago from the Amazon book store by its owner Jeff Bezos

"Excellence is not always the priority in starting work, but according to effort, planning and continuity of the idea."

In 1995 Pierre Omidyar launched the AuctionWeb store, which we know today as ebay, and in the same year, the Amazon bookstore was launched by its owner Jeff Bezos.

Since that time until today, eBay and Amazon have become one of the largest e-stores that sell all kinds of products

In 1998, the famous PayPal payment platform was launched from 4 founders and merged with online banking to its owner, Elon Musk, to start its reputation as an online money transfer platform.

In 1999, Alibaba platform was launched as an online store with a financing of 25 million dollars

In 2001 the company was a profitable and still the most popular trading platform for B2B traders

In 2000 Google Edwards launched as an online advertising tool that pays its advertising costs according to the number of clicks and page views

There are many services and strong companies in e-commerce that started after the year 2000, and they belong to the most famous companies to this day, such as Facebook, Google and Apple services.

E-commerce effect:

E-stores have greatly affected the form of general trade and its rules, from small companies to large enterprises, the most important of which are:

Entering new strong competitors with major companies and new rules.

The big companies that were dominating the market were forced to open its online store also after entering strong competitors such as Amazon and Alibaba and the desire of customers to buy from the internet directly as a new experience because it is in the nature of humans to choose the easiest way

"Take advantage of the advantages of e-commerce by entering the category of this market and obtaining a market share from it."

As the electronic stores completely changed the rules of the game and gave an opportunity for many small companies to get the same level of competition by opening its store and acquiring the category that prefers to buy from the Internet

Today 80% of the American people made online purchases at least once last month!

Online stores allow B2B sales, such as B2C sales.

E-stores made it possible to sell to "B2B" wholesalers and companies, just as it allowed retail sale to individuals, and several statistics indicate that today 79% of online purchases are made in bulk, not retail.

This has resulted in a strong positive impact by reducing many costs and operating forces for merchants and companies

"Selling on the Internet to companies and merchants is becoming the same way as buying individuals ... Make sure your online store is also prepared for bulk purchase, not retail."

The online e-commerce market is expanding

We also notice in these statistics the extent of the increase in Amazon's sales against other technical websites and electronic stores

Where Amazon relied on a strong growth strategy by relying on third-party sales, taking advantage of the brand's reputation

As of 2017, more than 51% of Amazon store sales were through a third party, “merchants displaying their products on the Amazon store,” and they had a large profit share as well, but they are obliged to follow strict sales laws imposed by the Amazon company.

Take advantage of e-commerce and the well-known stores to sell your products even if you are a third party in selling or building your own online store.

Supply Chain Management evolved

One of the most important effects of e-commerce is to accelerate the supply of goods and shorten the life cycle of the product

As a result, merchants today offer a wide variety of products to protect against price erosion, but this results in warehouses experiencing a greater amount of inventory to and from their warehouses.

Therefore, warehouses today have added value by providing several services, including:

Store and separate sales for sale versus retail online

Packaging and packing services

Monitor stock status and other logistics services

If you are a specialist in working with logistic services, you can use them by serving and contracting with electronic stores in your country with these services


Creating new jobs and reducing some traditional jobs

With the increase in the percentage of purchasing products through electronic stores, away from the traditional market

This has led to the creation of new job types in all fields related to electronic commerce

The most important of them are:

Online store programming

Create stores to be raised in search engines

Receive and manage requests

Logistics services


Most of these jobs are concentrated in civilized and developed countries, where the e-commerce market is expanding dramatically daily

And do not forget that this has led to the reduction of some traditional retail jobs through the presence of competition through electronic stores

The impact of social media on online purchases

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have the strongest influence on the decision to purchase products through online stores

Through the impact of product advertisements on the intention of buying and interacting with them through social media

Influencers and people share buying recommendations with friends

Always as we insole