With all the time that has passed since the launch of the sites, and with the development of the Internet today, increasing speed and easy access to it at any time and place

You may be surprised if you hear about today’s statistics talking about that 44% to 50% of small companies do not have a website yet

So we decided to collect the most important features that you will get by designing the company’s website today and restricting it to 6 important reasons

1- 93% of purchase decisions begin with Google:

We all subconsciously when we start thinking about buying new products we go to Google to see the specifications and prices available and the most important providers and suppliers for this product and after that we have taken a sufficient idea about this product to take the purchase decision and if we see an appropriate price via the Internet we will decide to buy it directly and especially with the free shipping available today

These results that will appear to you on Google are companies that decided to launch their products and company on the Internet and look in the long term starting from its website and view all products and purchase information

So the market for search engine results is large and you will only be able to access it through your website so start reserving your market share on it


2- Professional and official company:

When you visit one of the business exhibitions and you have access to visit cards for several companies to communicate with them, your view will be stronger and more formal for companies that have a website so you can learn about their previous works and more information about the company and its products

80% of decisions to deal with new companies go to the company that owns a website because it gives more official and reliability to this company

So people lose confidence in new companies that do not have a website that explains their services, products, and history


3- Ease of access:

When I hear the name of a new company from one of my friends, the first thing that comes to my mind is searching for the name of the company via the Internet to learn more information about it and its services.

The presence of your website will ensure that your customer reaches you and does not go to anyone or lose confidence that there is no good result for your company on the search engine

Even with the presence of Google Maps and the presence of your company on it, it will not be the same impression and official against the presence of your website with all the details and services and the ability to communicate with the sales team on the site directly


4- A stronger investment:

If we compare the costs of programming a company’s professional website with the costs of promoting it on a radio, magazine, or via social media in the long run

Your site will be the most powerful investment against paying the cost of building it once and for all! Your company’s name will always appear on search engines and its daily results

Instead of ads that, if they do not bring you the return on investment at the same time, you will be considered a loser and reverse the website, which has increased the number of visits and increases in search engines the more your investment opportunities and you have the whole time and not only during the time of ads

Most businesses will only have enough time for one new customer to return the full investment return to the website

Even selling retail products will not take long to fully recover your profits from the site’s revenue if you invest it properly


5- Opportunities abroad:

The presence of your website on the Internet, it gives you the advantage of being able to see the site all over the world and more opportunities to sell to customers outside your country, especially if your site facilitates the sale process via the Internet

In the previous period, a new customer came to us from Sweden and we will not have any promotional campaign there. After asking him later, I discovered that he found our site on search engines while searching for one of our services.

This feature will not be available with a great opportunity for you on search engines except by programming a professional website for your company that will be your official interface and provides the opportunity to expand your business across the world.


6- An easy-to-access data center:

One of the most important features of the site is the ability to set prices for your products, and with the prices constantly changing, you can amend them directly on the site instead of printing catalogs and brochures and sending PDF files every time to your customers.

It is sufficient then to send one link where your customers can follow up on updating your prices for the available products and quantities, saving time and costs in publications and PDFs, and the possibility of allocating a price to each category of customer (wholesale - retail)

In addition to the possibility of your site being a full support center for your company as the most important services and products and around the company and to develop questions and answers that provide each time new customers' questions and inquiries


In the end, if you do not have a website for your company, I advise you to start studying the issue physically because of the importance of its investment and its return on the company.

If you have technical expertise and have the time and cannot afford to pay a lot of costs, you can book a hosting and start building your site yourself

And if you want to program a professional site, the Quality team can also help you in several languages ​​while providing full technical support around the clock

Choose the option that is right for you, but more importantly, do not exit from this article unless you have decided to start building a company website