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Frequently Asked Questions

The e-store is a content management system that enables you to display the products or services you want to offer to your target customers online, and gives the ability to control products, prices, and images so that your customers or visitors to your store can purchase the products or services that you have offered easily and at any time from anywhere .

You can request the e-store building service via the application form dedicated to request the services and choose the e-store service with writing all the details of the e-store that you want to build so that we can analyze your request within 3-5 working days, then contact you and set an appointment to enter into more details about the project and its requirements.

The fees for building electronic stores differ according to each request and according to the additional requirements that are requested during programming and building the electronic store, and therefore it is difficult to determine special prices since the requirements differ from one customer to another.

We support in the "Quality" electronic stores that we have implemented and we solve the technical and technical errors free of charge after the delivery of the store, according to the period agreed in the contract so that we guarantee the safety of the store and enable it to work without any interruptions or technical problems.

Yes, building commercial identities and designing logos are among the activities that we do in "Quality", and we usually receive logos from customers and then work on designing the store based on the colors and details of the customer's business identity to show great consistency between the store or site design with the commercial identity.

Yes, we at "Quality" service connect the electronic stores with electronic payment gates that provide the possibility of payment to the merchant through several channels such as electronic payment cards (Visa - Master Card) or through the electronic payment portal (SADAD) to be able to collect money in professional ways from your customers and keep you away About receiving a bank transfer or stressful receipt.

Obtaining consultations in the field of e-commerce is carried out in "Quality" by submitting an application via the application form for services, and through it the communication is made with the applicant and setting the date for a consulting session either by attending to the headquarters of "digitization" or by phone as per the request of the customer In order to answer all inquiries and questions that arise from the customer before starting his project.

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